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PLEX Systems

ERP is often the largest, most complex software system in a manufacturing operation. Managing all the modules that make up ERP — from asset and warehouse management to financials and HR — can be unwieldy, especially when they are running on separate systems. For small companies, moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model can be a way to both streamline the system and take a heavy burden off bare-bones IT departments.

Plymouth, Mich.-based Clips and Clamps Industries, a metal-forming company that services the automotive industry, realized the benefits of cloud ERP when it implemented the Plex Online ERP suite from Plex Systems. The manufacturer — also known as CCI — is a small, family-owned company with 50 employees and a one-person IT department. Prior to implementing Plex, CCI ran several independent software systems to fulfill its business needs. Its main ERP system was Canadian Manufacturing Systems, which was IBM AS/400-based and hosted on CCI’s own servers.

When it came time to upgrade several systems, the company also began to explore ways to improve its use of IT, according to Jeffrey Aznavorian, vice president, general manager and chief operating officer.

“We needed to continue to advance all of our systems, including our machine technology, the skills base of our employees and our IT infrastructure,” he said. “We knew we needed to be continuously improving those in order to stay competitive in the automotive market.”

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