Driving Production Efficiencies
With Quality Communication


Driving Production Efficiencies With Quality Communication

Managing Supply Chains Is Complicated

When you’re trying to manage engineers and procurement specialists along with supplier relationships, your job can get pretty complex. With your engineering background, you understand exactly how to communicate with your engineering team, but you still need them to understand that finding the right supplier to create the part they need is complicated. You also have to communicate with the procurement specialists on your exact needs. Then, there’s the suppliers. On-time delivery is crucial to getting the project complete, but the parts the supplier is providing also have to be feasible.

The Challenges You Face

Internal Communications

You’re constantly going back and forth between the engineering team and the procurement specialists. The engineers need a specific part. The procurement specialists have to hit budget requirements. It’s your job to make sure each department is heard and understood.

Part Feasibility

While it isn’t your job to find the parts and products the engineering team needs, it is on your shoulders to make sure the engineering team can use the parts the procurement team purchased for the project. Sometimes, that means convincing the engineers to use the parts that were sourced because they work.

Supply Chain Management

Projects often require parts from multiple suppliers and it’s on you to coordinate the timelines of receiving those parts. One missed shipment or one delayed part and the entire project the engineering team is working on can come to a complete stand still, or worse, fail because the parts haven’t arrived on time.

The Clips & Clamps Industries approach

to engineering and manufacturing is collaborative. We take a solution-based approach to product engineering that allows us to exceed expectations when working with engineers and procurement teams. Because our focus is on solving problems through metalforming, we strongly rely on communication and are intentional about every touchpoint we have with our partners.

Solution Based Engineering Leads to Better Communication

Quality Assurance

When it comes to making sure our operations and production output exceed expectations, we incorporate quality assurance into every step of the process. We don't wait until the end of an internal project to inspect the part, design, or scalability. Our team is focused on delivering an end product that matches your specifications and we’ll be in constant communication with your team through the entire process.

Collaborative Processes

It isn’t about you handing your project off to us or us handing you a finished product. It’s about creating a lasting partnership built on trust. Our engineering team will work directly with your team to determine part feasibility, make suggestions, and start the production process. We’ll even work with your procurement specialists to determine cost effective production opportunities.

Team Member Training

When it comes to keeping our team updated with the latest best practices, training is part of our company culture. Every team member understands the ins and outs of the equipment they use on a daily basis. They also know how to use our ERP system, PLEX, and demonstrate how it functions when customers tour our facility.

Client Success Story

Our customer required a second set of prototypes for an assembly to their OEM due to a drop-in order. They ordered 50 pieces, however, needed 10 pieces within 10 days (prototype timing was 4 weeks). We were able to deliver 10 pieces to the customer in those 10 days.

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