To increase production quality and speed

Multiple Welding Capabilities For The Right Joining Solutions

Clips & Clamps Industries (CCI) engineers work directly with your team to meet the best needs of your project. Quality is never sacrificed for speed because we place an emphasis on producing fast, high quality welds by automating the process. Because the process is automated, you’re able to save money on higher production rates compared to other welding processes.

Maximize Production Speed

We work directly with your team of engineers to determine the best type of welding service for your product. We have a vested interest in helping your project be as successful as possible, which often comes down to time to market. By determining the best type of welding process, we can increase the production speed, so you can get to market faster.

Product Quality

At CCI, quality is never sacrificed for speed. Not only do we inspect the product for any defects in the weld, but we maximize the quality with in-line poka-yoke systems. By maximizing the quality, we’re able to deliver a 100% defect free product.

Automated Welding Production

By automating the welding production process, our team can join a wide variety of metals and alloys, which helps control variability in the process.

Client Success Story

A client came to us with a project quoted at a higher production rate that we knew we could attain with the right teamwork. This part is 1,000,000 pieces annually and the following activities took place to attain our goals.

  • Initiated cross functional team of operators, maintenance, tool room and manufacturing.
  • Tracked current run rate status and found it to be 55% of the quoted rate.
  • Analyzed and began a task list of duties, as the tasks were closed we continued to track our production numbers daily while communicating the result to the team.
  • Team has improved the rate and maintained a slightly higher than the quoted hourly through put number, while also improving quality and delivery to our customer.

Multiple Welding Services For Multiple Production Capabilities

Our engineers will work with your team to determine which type of welding service is best for your product. CCI offers expertise in:

  • Resistance Spot and Projection Welding: Ideal for fast and repeatable welds with simple and low cost fixtures. If you’re looking to fasten nuts or studs to your metal stampings, this is the perfect type of weld.

  • MIG Welding: Our robot welds the parts together while the operator loads the next product. This process is used when the part configuration does not allow for resistance welding.

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