Partnering With Your Team For
Precision Manufacturing


Partnering With Your Team For Precision Manufacturing

Turning Ideas Into Feasible Products

Your day-in and day-out job involves some incredibly technical procedures, but sometimes, things don’t go as smoothly as you want them to. What looks great on paper doesn’t always translate perfectly to the real world. Your design can be flawless, but the manufactured parts may not work together how you imagined them to. What do you do when you’ve gone back to the drawing board multiple times? Who do you trust to help you find a creative solution to your challenges?

The Challenges You Face

Part Feasibility

Having a part isn’t the same thing as having a part that will work with your design and project. You need to know that the engineers working on your project understand exactly what the part should do and be capable of.

Flexible Engineering

Because you’re still working on your project, the engineers you’re working with need to be flexible in their designs and manufacturing process. Without that flexibility, your project may never gain real traction.

Reliable Design

It all starts with having a great design. If there isn’t a great, reliable design, how are you or any engineer working on the project going to get the project completed? You need engineers who understand part design as well as the manufacturing process.

At Clips & Clamps Industries(CCI),

we understand your needs because we’ve been there. We’re engineers on a mission to solve problems. Our internal processes are all focused on precision details, which is why we’ve been working with some of the same brands and organizations since the 1950s. We focus on forming metal to solve your challenges and help you turn your projects into world-class success stories.

Engineering Partners For When You Need An Extra Hand

Prototype Design

Because parts can look great on paper, but not work when they’re actually put in place, our engineers offer prototype design services. Our team will work with you to determine exactly what you’re looking for in a part or product and design a prototype around the specifications you’ve determined.

Product Testing

Prototypes are only part of the process. You need to know if your product is actually going to function the way you need it to. Our engineers will put the product through every applicable test to determine the part’s feasibility and make sure it holds up to the specifications you’ve set.

Metalforming Solutions

CCI offers a one-stop solution for metalforming. We can take your designs and turn them into full-scale manufactured products. With our completely in-house capabilities, our team will become an extension of your team by providing the engineering insights, supply chain management, and transparent communication you need to complete your projects.

Client Success Story

A Tier 1 interior company approached us to help eliminate a secondary process on a metal screw limiter. The OEM asked to have the limiter installed and then peened on the opposite side. We were able to work together to develop a press fit part and eliminate the secondary operation, thus reducing the price of the part as well as reducing their labor cost and installation time.

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