Metalforming Services

Solving Challenges with Metalforming

Full Scale In House Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

To Deliver A Value Added Business Approach

At Clips & Clamps Industries, we believe that providing your team with a one stop shop approach allows you to streamline your processes and build stronger supplier relationships. By providing all of the metalforming services you need to make your world-class project a success, we can focus more on delivering the creative solutions you need. We’re problem solvers and we’re ready to help you complete your projects.

Solution Based Metalforming Services

Progressive stamping for tighter tolerances and more complicated part design.
Versatility and flexibility to consistently produce any shape to complete your project.
Precisely shape tools and metal parts with increased emphasis on production rates.
Automated welding processes to increase the output rates and a higher, consistent quality.
An engineered approach to assembly to decrease the rate of defects and meet launch dates.
Cutting down product costs and project timelines while adhering to stringent quality control.

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