Helping you solve your challenges


Helping you solve your challenges

Procuring the Right Products at the Right Price

Every day you face the challenge of finding a manufacturing partner who can deliver the right products at the right price. It’s a high stakes job and you’re constantly walking a thin line between price point, quality, and deadlines. Meanwhile, the engineering team is demanding higher quality products and your boss is asking for lower prices and tighter deadlines. How do you compromise? Where do you sacrifice? Which manufacturer has the best engineered solution for your team’s needs?

The Challenges You Face

Effective Communication

Suppliers promise one thing, then turn around and underdeliver. You need someone who understands the importance of communication in the sourcing process.

Total Cost Management

It’s not just about the cost of manufacturing a part. It’s about the long-term costs associated with building a relationship with a supplier and how they can help you in the future.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

The manufacturer’s supply chain broke down and they’re two weeks behind. When you call to get more information, you get the runaround. You need a partner, not just a supplier.

At Clips & Clamps Industries,

we know you’re working under the gun to source products. Your engineers are working on a new project and they need a part quickly, but you have to bare in mind the cost. Too high and you’ll have to pass. Too low, and you’ll wonder about quality. CCI works with procurement specialists every day as a partner. We understand your needs are critical to your company’s operation and we’ll work with you to maintain a high level of efficiency and production.

Finding The Right Solutions For Your Challenges

Agile Manufacturing Processes

Our team will work with you to measure your individual project’s needs. After we’ve studied the plans, we’ll determine the best approach to manufacturing the product. We keep things agile, so if your needs change, our design and product can change, too.

Solution-Based Product Engineering

Managing costs is one of your biggest stressors, but our solution-based approach to engineering and manufacturing makes managing costs more effective. Our engineering team, will spend time determining the most cost-effective approach to manufacturing the product you need.

Multiple In-House Capabilities

Working with multiple manufacturers to complete a single product takes more time, requires more money, and has the potential to cause major production hold ups. CCI offers multiple in-house capabilities to help you successfully source all of the products and parts you need to complete your project.

Client Success Story

When quoting an assembly of a stamped bracket and two reinforcements, the typical tooling approach is to make one tool for each component. We realized we could take advantage of the scrap from the larger bracket to stamp the reinforcements within the same tool, in turn, one tool made three parts.

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