Progressive Metal Stamping

To conform to tight tolerances

Advanced Engineering Delivers Tighter Tolerances, More Complicated Designs

The team at Clips & Clamps Industries (CCI) focuses on developing metalforming solutions that solve your challenges. By offering progressive metal stamping services, our team delivers tighter tolerances and the capability of more complicated part design.

Boost Productivity

Because CCI offers progressive metal stamping, we have the ability to produce metal parts in higher volume and at a reduced cost per part. Therefore, partnering with CCI means that procurement of metal stamping will never be your bottleneck.

Consistent Performance

Consistent performance is a more reliable process. Our team focuses on efficient production which delivers you consistent, high-quality part design. When you have a partner you trust to deliver consistent quality, you can get started on your next project and know that you can depend on each and every part.

Increase Quality

We focus on creating part consistency and conformity throughout the production process. Monitoring the metal stamping presses in real time also provides us with the ability to anticipate repairs, which eliminates slowdowns in production process and increases reliability. Using an in-tool sensor program, our team monitors part quality in real time, which allows us to reduce tool repair costs, ensure on-time delivery of your projects, and create repeatable quality.

Client Success Story

An OEM sought to source a wheel-bearing cap in the United States that was previously manufactured in Europe before they launched vehicle production in Mexico. At the time, the part was outside of our manufacturing feasibility due to the depth of the draw, but we wanted to assist the OEM so we set out to find a solution. Our engineering team enlisted the help of Jacar Systems LLC and their Micro Transfer die-mounted system. We implemented one of the Micro Transfer systems into a coil-fed die developed to run in our 300-ton mechanical press.

Progressive Metal Stamping Capabilities

CCI’s progressive metal stamping presses can handle tooling designed to perform what was once considered secondary, out-of-tool processes.

  • In-die staking
  • Hybrid progressive transfer tooling
  • Secondary metal integration

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