Clips and Clamps Apprentice Program Celebrates 27th Anniversary

Clips and Clamps Apprentice Program Celebrates 27th Anniversary

Inaugurated in 1988, the Clips & Clamps Industries (CCI) Apprentice Program is a win-win-win proposition for clients, the company and its workers.

“We’ve long recognized the value that highly-trained employees bring to the shop floor in terms of greater problem solving, improved quality and enhanced timeliness,” said Jeff Aznavorian, Vice President and General Manager of CCI.

In light of these benefits, the company made an early commitment to training, beginning with apprenticeship programs for Tool & Die Makers and Fourslide Setters.

“CCI also developed America’s first-ever CNC Wireforming Apprenticeship Program in cooperation with Henry Ford Community College and the U.S. Department of Labor,” adds Jeff Ross, Director of Operations.

Beyond strengthening their skills for greater productivity and more successful careers, CCI Apprenticeship Program participants have every reason to apply themselves to their fullest; the company picks up 100% of tuition fees as long as they maintain good grades.

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