CCI – Apprenticeship Programs

CCI – Apprenticeship Programs

CCI has had two Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Programs since the 1980’s.   We have graduated several people through both the Tool & Die Maker Apprenticeship and the Fourslide Setter Apprenticeship over the years.

There are currently 3 CCI employees participating in the apprenticeship program.  1 in Tool & Die, 1 in Fourslide and 1 in CNC Wireforming.  We are in the process of developing the first ever (in the country) CNC Wireforming Apprenticeship Program with Henry Ford CC (Community College) and the DOL (Department Of Labor).

Why does CCI invest in these apprenticeship programs? CCI has a strong commitment to training and building current employees in these skilled labor fields in an environment where candidates, with these skill sets, are difficult to find in the open work force. And, while apprentices are maintaining good grades, CCI will pick up their book and tuition fees at 100%.

These highly skilled and sought-after employees will have ZERO student debt when they have completed these apprenticeship programs, and, as an added benefit, will be earning the yearly equivalent of $40,000 or More.

Forbes Magazine has a detailed article on the lack of skilled labor in the US workforce and how some companies are taking it upon themselves to restock a very important part in our economic growth.

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